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Peter was born on the 3rd of January 2006, as the youngest of three boys. His father died when he was young and his mother needed to take care of him and his siblings on her own. The mother works as a casual laborer and receives 150 shillings if the work is available. After a few years, she got married again. The family lives in a single rented room and they get their water for washing and drinking from the polluted river nearby. When Peter came to the institution he suffered from jigger fleas on both feet and legs. It’s a kind of parasite that uses the human body as a host to lay their eggs inside the skin, especially around feet and arms. It was painful for him and he almost couldn’t walk anymore. After a successful treatment, he is healthy again. 



Bonface’s family had seven members. His mother is from a region close to Lake Victoria. When his parents separated, Bonface’s four siblings left to go to his grandparents in the north. Only Bonface was left behind with his father. His father started to drink and Bonface went to live with his aunt, but she herself had seven children to feed, which made it hard for her to feed one more child and he was brought to the orphanage. On vacation time, his father likes to take care of him, and he calls often to know if he is fine. His father never married again, but recently he went to the region where a Bonface mother is from. The siblings stayed with the grandparents but there was no sign of the mother. Born in the year 2004/10/22.


Kelvin was born on the 3rd of March 2007. His father was murdered when he was one year old and his mother abandoned him and his brother. Though she eventually remarried, she had no interest in her previous children. The grandmother let us know that Kevin’s mother has died as well. Kelvin used to live with his grandmother, who is a widow. She took care of him, his brother and Kelvins, a mentally disabled uncle. Their only income depends on their farming. Kelvin came at the opening to the Makuyu Educational Initiative because the family could not provide for him.



Tabitha was born on the 7th of August 2007. She has eight siblings and she herself is the sixth child. Three are already grown up and have children of their own. Their parents have low income because their jobs as casual workers are not available daily. She used to live together with five siblings at home. Because they are such a big family and the parent’s jobs are not well paid the family is poor. Their income was not enough to educate the children or feed them on a consistent basis, in addition, they had no soap to wash themselves and ragged clothes. During vacation time Tabitha visits her family. Her brother Peter used to live in the institution, but now he stays at his home again.



The twin girls were born on the 18 of July 2008. The information about the biological father is unclear, but they have a stepfather who loves them a great deal. Their mother is HIV positive and is currently on AVV drugs. The girls are not diseased and HIV negative. Their mother works as a casual laborer, but because of the stigma associated with AIDS, people often refuse to give her work. She is a hard-working woman and currently she cells pineapples on the highway. The girls have two older brothers and one is working in Nairobi and the other is enrolled in high school and lives with the mother and the stepfather. The girls used to live poor, never went to school and they were to the institution when it opened. During vacations, they go to visit their family.



The twins are born on the 4th of December 2006 in Makuyu. Their mother was married, however, her first husband died 20 years ago. The family has ten children. Their mother sells firewood and earns around 75 shillings a day. The twins lived in a rented single house with their mother, sister and nephew Leonard that cost around 400 shillings a month. They never went to school because of the low income of their mother. The twins had no decent clothing. When their mother couldn’t get money from selling firewood they slept hungry. Recently their mother was diagnosed with TB, which made the twins sad. The older sister of them still lives with her in a small, unventilated room in Makuyu and takes care of her mother, even though she herself is chronically ill (kind of epilepsy).



Leonard was born on the 7th of April, 2007. His uncle and aunt are Christopher and Christine. His mother abandoned him and left him with his grandmother (Mother of Christopher and Christine). There is no information’s about their father. The grandmother said she thinks his mother is in Nairobi but she doesn’t have any contact with her. Leonard never went to school because of the low income of his grandmother. He had no decent clothing. When the grandmother couldn’t get money from selling firewood he slept hungry. He used to sleep with Christopher and Christine on a tattered mattress and they used a bed sheet for warmth.



Caroline was born on the 10th of June 2009. Her parents have six children, Caroline is the youngest. She came to the Makuyu Educational Initiative because her parents couldn’t afford the living costs for their big family. Her mother relies on petty jobs where she earns around 150 shillings. Caroline used to live very poorly in a single room with her whole family. In 2015 Caroline’s father died, but the mother remarried, though the family still can not afford to bring Caroline home.



Daniel was born on the 14th of June 2007 and Thomas on the 8th of July 2009. Their parents are separated because their father used to drink and abused their mother physically. The mother decided to live on her own with the boys and their two older brothers. Their mother has a job, but often did not have enough money for food, so they slept hungry. Also because of the lack of money, they were not able to get soap for washing and taking baths. They used to sleep in one bed together with no blankets. The mother has married again and has had another boy. Their mother loves her children a great deal, so when the boys are on vacation from school she comes and picks them up.


Golicha was born on the 4th of February 2007 and his older sister Dahera on the 14th of April 2003. Their parents lived in Isiolo, a province in the northeast of Kenya. They came to the central region because of the harsh conditions in Isiolo: famine, lack of water and the fear of invasion by the Al-Shabaab militias. The parents have five children: two boys and three girls. All the kids were born in central Kenya. The family lives poorly. The father works as a watchman far away and has often no money to return to his family. He also suffers from kidney failure that is a burden for the family. The mother is the breadwinner of the family, but she works as a laborer and only earns around 150 shillings. The work is sporadic and not available every day. Golicha was sent to the institution when it opened. Dahera was sent to her uncle’s family who lives in the north, but she was mistreated so the parents brought her back after one year. Since 2016 Dahera is also a part of the Makuyu Educational Initiative.



Benson was born on the 5th of February 2010 as the younger of two boys. His mother and father come from a region north of Muranga County. Because they couldn’t find work there, they came to Makuyu. Here they are able to both work as casual laborers and are able to rent a single room, however, their meager incomes are not enough to give both children everything they needed. They brought Benson to the Makuyu Educational Initiative so he will have enough to eat and he is able to go to school. During vacations, Benson visits his family who lives close by. 

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