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A couple of first volunteers!

The Makuyu Education Initiative (MEI) can always use volunteers on site in Kenya. Donating your time can go a long way to supporting our mission. If you decide to volunteer, you will have a lot of flexibility in deciding how to help make improvements. Volunteers in the past have taken the children to the hospital for routine health check-ups, worked on upgrading the curriculum, painted the school and made bookshelves, discovered more about the backgrounds of the children, took pictures and videos for fundraising initiatives, and completed a variety of other tasks.


Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, MEI cannot subsidize your trip. However, aside from the cost of airfare, your expenses are likely to be very low. As of now, the cost to stay with us is $0 per week, which includes a room and meals. 


If you are interested in volunteering, please email with information about who you are, when you'd like to come, and how long you can stay.


We hope you will consider MEI as an opportunity to share your skills and talents and join us in our mission to help improve the lives of the underprivileged children of the Makuyu Education Initiative!

Our guard, Francis, is teaching a volunteer how to use a bow and arrow.


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