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Thank you, Microsoft, for your help.


We would like to thank Microsoft employees for their help in the development of the children's home. Thank you for your generosity.


If you have not yet donated, please consider a donation via an ongoing payroll deduction, it takes only $10 to pay for a week of meals for a child at the Makuyu Education Initiative.


To donate with a Microsoft Match, please:

1. Go to //give

2. Click on "Give Money"

3. Search for "Makuyu"


Your donations went toward providing the children with a warm home to live in and toward hiring loving caretakers to look after them! 


Your donations went toward providing children with health check-ups, including HIV testing, and much-needed medication to treat illnesses and infections.


Many of the children are struggling with malnutrition and, before coming to our children's home would get as little as one meal a day. With your donations, we are able to provide free meals.


Most importantly, perhaps, your donations help run the children's home where the children feel happy, safe and loved. Thank you!

Our MS Liason

Our Microsoft liason is Omeed! Feel free to contact him about any questions about the organization! 

Alias: omusavi

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